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Who turned their kitchen into the most epic kitchen sporting arena?

There’s definitely a running theme here as, once again for this task, George received the most number of votes and he came in first place.

Jessica defeated her sister to take the gold in Pan Pong, but that was only enough to land her second in the voting for the most epic kitchen sporting event perhaps because she and Giovanni split the vote of those who were delighted to see kitchen islands turned into a ping pong venue.

Right behind those three, Kathy, Cherie, Michael, and Rachel‘s efforts tied them for third place. How were the voters not more impressed with Rachel hitting an egg off a racket and banking it into the pot to fry it up for breakfast?

Once again, check the updated leaderboard to see where everyone stands in the overall competition (hint: George has a big lead and it’s looking to my eyes like only Jessica has the potential to overtake him with only two hometasks remaining before the semester winds down.)


Using tupperware as a goals, I decided to turn my kitchen into a soccer/tennis arena. I used a tennis racket to hit some of my dog’s balls into my makeshift goals… and I actually scored a few! I’ll need to work on my aim and maybe finding some sturdier goals, but I am definitely making strides to becomes the player I’ve always hoped to be! Here you can watch my video. Enjoy!

Improvised minigolf

In order to make my kitchen into a sporting arena, I took my dad’s golf driver (decidedly not a putter, as I couldn’t find it) and a golf ball. I decided to also use a cup in place of a regular hole because I don’t have a putting set – I’ve only played golf (real golf, not minigolf) once or twice in my life. The setup worked out pretty well except for the fact that the ball kept rolling out of the cup after I got it in. I got it in a couple times, but alas, I couldn’t make it stay – ’twas the nature of the cup. Here’s the result:

Failed Pooling and Bottle Lifting

Without referring to anyone else’s hometasks, I did pooling with frozen fishball with the chopstick as the cue stick and class cups as the holes, which is basically IDENTICAL with Ruohan’s post. So I rushed other basic weight lifting exercises, and I put the pooling as the bonus scene at the end of the hometask video. At first, I thought I was going to pretend like lifting and exercising, but when actually lifting the bottles of oil, I found there is no need to act. The bottles are genuinely heavy. My arms are aching now.

World-class Badminton Fetcher

I had a great idea that even I am not able to accomplish it, I want to include it in my post: Wear all of my ski gears lying on my side on the floor and have a white bed sheets under my skies on the floor to mimic the skiing track, only if I have my ski gears with me.

So this is another plan I came up, including elements from the kitchen, a pan! I thought about using a tennis, but considering the amount of fragile kitchenware we have, I went to badminton that could cause a lower damage. And of course my old friend the cat who wasn’t invited intentionally.

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Who turned their kitchen into the most epic kitchen sporting arena? Vote using the poll below. Check the box next to the three entries that you believe are the most spectacular. Please do not vote for your own entry.

Hometasking 4

Pooling Wanna-be

My kitchen counter was turned into a pooling table, with a cup as the basket, a frozen fish ball as the ball, and a chopstick, spatula, and a rolling pin that makes up a cue stick. Strawberries doesn’t mean anything.

The kitchen counter is relatively tiny for me to come up with workable choices, especially one side of it is attached to a bar, but I am not upset with how it turned out.

Pooling with only one basket is still pooling

Tomato Hatred

I had the choice to either beat the tomatoes or the bok choys in my fridge. I eventually decided on my two-week-old tomatoes. The Dasani arena was assembled with bottles I collected from lunch bags. As for the Muay Thai hand wraps, I simply have them for the sake of having them. Daredevil is a great show, and Charlie Cox a great actor. From the story to fighting choreography, everything is excellent. Unfortunately, I don’t even know the correct way to use the hand wraps, but I think this is enough for the tomatoes.

Kitchen Ping Pong

I decided to turn my kitchen into an energetic ping pong stadium. I’ve been playing a lot of ping pong games with my sisters during quarantine, and describing them as exciting would be an understatement.