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Tennis Trick Shot

Here’s a link to my shot:

I decided I wanted to do some sort of trick shot with a tennis racket, because I have plenty of rackets since I used to play tennis on a regular basis. At first I tried to hit it off walls, the ceiling, or a fan, but after trying a few times I realized that a paper ball does not bounce much at all, so I decided to scrap the extra steps and just hit the paper straight in from a distance. Thankfully this distracted me a bit from the boredom of my quarantine.

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Hometask 1

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Hometask #1: Slingshot “paper toss”

For this Hometask assignment, I chose to slingshot a piece of paper into a bin. I was having some difficulty coming up with “spectacular throw” ideas, until I saw this basic slingshot lying around my house — my brother and I used to play with it when we were younger, so it’s a little old and worn-down; but it worked! I’m not sure if this was particularly spectacular, but it definitely took me a bit to finally get it into the trash can. I made it in on my first practice attempt, but of course I wasn’t recording.

Yoga Throw

My throw is spectacular because I swiftly incorporated it into my yoga practice. During quarantine, I’ve taken up yoga, which has helped me calm down amidst the chaos happening in the world. Watching my peers’ throws, I noticed a pattern of students taking very drastic measures to throw the piece of paper into a trash bin. I wanted to find a way to throw that fit right into my daily routine. While many of the other throws are creative, my throw is spectacular because I demonstrate how small tasks can be incorporated into every aspect of daily life. Quarantining has forced us all to help out more around the house, which includes taking out the trash more often. While many people might complain about taking out the trash more often, my throw illustrates how people can easily incorporate these chores into their lifestyle without it disrupting their flow of life. 

Link to video:

SQ8: Banjo-Ball

Link to my shot.

The contest of the three-time defensive player of the year nominee (two time winner), Banjo Knight, was of no impact for the looping shot. Despite starting at a low point, the shooter still created enough space to get his shot off unhindered, arcing beautifully into the bin. This highlight encapsulated Oakland FC’s first win on their packed schedule, with their next fixture coming soon.

We will follow and document their progress throughout their indoor season. You might want to get your brooms out, a sweep is incoming!

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It Struggled

I tried to throw paper balls into the bin spectacularly, but it kept steering off. So I decided to choreograph a dance, as Clairmont Tower doesn’t allow hazardous behavior. At the end of my little dance, just as I approached the bin, my piece of paper started resisting its fate. It melted into my skin, and a force out of nowhere shot into my arm. I tumbled back. Amidst shock and fear I forced the piece of paper to its destiny again. It wiggled and kicked and cursed, but I was more determined. I’d fall into the bin alongside just to rid the world of this evil piece of paper.

Not a word above tells the truth. I have just been staying indoor doing biology and chemistry and German homework for too long. It really isn’t a spectacular throw compared to my peers’, but I forsook my sanity for it.

A Soloist’s Secret

I made this throw simply to poke fun at the many solo musicians. Have you ever wondered how they could memorize long pieces of music? Well, this is the quick and easy method that many soloists use; clearly, hide the sheet of music near your instrument as you play and dispose of it once no one is looking. Those clamors of genius musicality can only mean one thing right? During this quarantine, I came across this idea after a quick session of violin practice. I also noticed there were not many videos with instruments involved, so I thought it was interesting to play a quick piece. I say this is spectacular in some silly irony. Brahms and Paganini would laugh right about now with this ultra-super technique.

Physics Throw

Since the video is in 0.25 x slow motion, I hope everyone can spot the details in the mechanism of this “throw”.

The whole process of this task based heavily on the concepts in physics, even though physics is my most hated science subject. The first part of the process used Domino effect using books (books about physics just to correspond with the title, even though nobody can spot it). Once the last domino falls, it triggers the second part of the process–a seesaw mechanism made with a soup ladle and the bottom part of a blender. The weight of the book pressed one side of the ladle down, which triggers the third part of the mechanism–a pulley system. The other side of the ladle is attached to one side of the string, which forms a pulley with the shelf hanging from the ceiling and the other side of the string that’s attaching to the paper ball. Once the ladle lifted with the seesaw mechanism, the string loosens, and the paper ball fell into the basket.

Even though my throw (actually not at all a throw) did not involve any uncertainties since the bin is right below the paper ball, it did include several trials and calculations, and I enjoyed the process of coming up with different mechanisms and combined them to form a big system. Main obstacles were about what objects to use for different mechanism since several factors such as weight and friction matter. Link is attached here

When the cat is actually cooperating

This is Mika, Ruohan’s cat, who enjoys knocking thing off the table when bored. So I immediately thought of throwing a piece of paper on the table to let her push it off the table and into a bin when David mentioned this quest in the online lecture. In one try, I accidentally throw the paper too far away from the table, and she still managed to get it into the bin, and of course I was not recording during that time. But I thought it’s more interesting this way, and it took me many more take to get another successful shoot.

Hometask1: an unintentional throw

The coronavirus locks down limits my movement in the house, and I had no idea about making a spectacular throw of a piece of A4 paper. Therefore, form one extreme to another, I decided to do an unintentional daily throw that is a chill coincident. This piece of video is a record or my daily struggle of doing Differential Equations. Special thanks to my cousin as the guest actress who changed her pajama for the first time this week to help me filming the clip.