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Hometask #2: My ideal “night out”

After months and months of endless tests and assignments(and sleep-deprivation) in college, I’ve decided that my ideal night out is the most relaxing night I could possibly create for myself. This means comfy PJs, tasty snacks, blankets on blankets, and of course, Netflix pulled up on my laptop — all in the comfort of my own bed(my “venue”). Not a very exciting night out to most, but it’s all I could wish for these days. Here is the link to my video:

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Hometasking 2

All I want

Wednesday was a magical day, on which all the classes decided to set assignment and test deadlines. This is why my bathroom transformation is late. I don’t truly want a night out now, I’d prefer a break for a movie or some video games. Also, a break from worrying about where to find toilet paper rolls. Even the convenience store near Clairmont has closed for some reason. The chips and “energy drinks” were just intended symbols, not something I would actually consume. Filming myself was the harder part, since I’m alone in my room.

Side quest 9: Bathroom Night-Out Decoration

This is a relatively challenging task for me, since I am living on Claremont with pretty much only food and utilities and nothing fancy. I knew from hearing this project that I will not be able to use the traditional classy and fancy approach for my night out. When I looked into my room and fridge (I just got grocery delivery today), I figured showing my food and supplies can be a great idea for making this bathroom unique and fit this special time period. I have a lot of sanitation products and food to keep myself as safe as possible against the spread of coronavirus. In editing this video, I think an intro to my idea would be better than simply showing the video clip. It took me sometime to figure out how to record audio alone and add that before the video. Moving all the things into the bathroom is a lot of work, it took me around 20 minutes before it is ready for shooting. Overall, it is a fun experience and get me moving inside the house.



So here, is my idea of going out. Yeah, it seems a bit boring, but honestly I would not want to “go out” any other way. Who said that going out required having a party or being extra? No one!! In fact, I hate going out so actually being anywhere outdoors wouldn’t be “great” for me… so let’s explore this venue.

So, this venue represents the movies…at my bestfriend’s house. She has a big flatscreen TV which we tend to watch a bunch of Netflix movies on (as indicated by the laptop) and the millions of snack and food that my bestfriend’s house has to offer (which I tend to overeat).

So yes, this is my great night out. I’m not in my own house and I am spending the time with the people I adore most. I mean, what better way to spend your time than to be with your bestfriend? Sounds like an amazing night to me, especially for the homebodies!!

Jacuzzi Misadventures

Side note: for this assignment, I originally wanted to use the jacuzzi setting on my parent’s bathtub to create a hot-tub party, but things went quite awry. I rarely use their bathtub and I hadn’t used the jacuzzi setting in years, so little did I know what would happen. I filled the tub up to the jacuzzi jet line, and when I pressed the button, the water came surging out at crazy speeds, splashing the water all around the tub: on the ground, sink, mirrors. It scared the daylight out of me and I turned it off almost immediately. It also flung a ton of dirt into the water making it completely unsuitable to bathe. So, one important lesson I learned from this assignment: don’t use the jacuzzi setting! Thankfully I wasn’t in the tub at the time, or else it would have been a disaster.

I later redid this assignment, albeit with a much less unique premise. I brought a boombox (out of commission unfortunately, but a good atmosphere nonetheless), a dart board, and a monster energy drink to make for a fun basement bathroom party. Also, of course, including a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as part of my state-mandated coronacation.


Hometask 2: Dinner Party?

The real daily experience inspires my decoration in the bathroom. It is an interesting experience for my sister and me that last weekend the power in our house is accidentally cut off except the electricity in the bathroom. Therefore in consideration of survivability, we moved some portable cooking utensils to the bathroom. Sanitation guaranteed, though. So this time, I decorated the bathroom with the “dinner party” theme. I put the toasters and all kinds of sauce in there, which basically serves every meal for me last weekend. Also, to build up a party feel, I bring some decorative bulbs and lamps as well.

Welcome to the Quaranclub

For my bathroom nightclub, I took a creative spin on it by incorporating some common coronavirus qualms into the storyline. I wrote a sign on the door that said “Welcome to the Coronaclub” and handed the bouncer my ID. However, he did not accept it and pushed me out of the way so I came back with purell. Even though he didn’t accept my ID, he still let me into the nightclub in exchange for a squirt of coveted purell. Once I entered, the music was blaring and I handed the bartender cash to buy a drink. He did not accept the cash and only accepted toilet paper! This video shows what it would be like to attend a nightclub in today’s world. People would not accept money but only scarce items. This bathroom remodel was a lot of fun to create, and I really enjoyed finding various items in my home to incorporate that I never thought would fit in with the theme. For instance, I used blue and yellow wires as decorations as well as a red exercise band. 

Here is a link to my video!