Play Make Write Think


This assignment is more open-ended and a bit harder for me to figure out what I should do about it. Due to my lack of artistic skills, I decided to make it clear and easy to read. With the 7 elements we learned since the beginning of the semester, I match the lessons we learned with the most important element they feature and build up on that. Genre applies to all learning material and I just left it out to keep the drawing clean.

Side Quest 13: Recreating Terminator movie clip “I will be Back”

With the materials I had, the first thought I had for recreating the movie clip would be the opening for every James Bond movie, the part when Bond walks from left to center of the screen and shoots, followed by blood running down from top of the screen. Unfortunately, I realized that my suits and shirts have been packed and very hard to get access to. Also, there cannot be computer animation for this assignment. Then I looked at the materials I have, realizing that recreating the iconic scene from terminators will only require my sun glasses. and no less iconic than James bond’s opening. Then I decided to make that happen. Since I am living by myself, the camera has to be stationary, and that scene fits my requirement.

Home tasking 5: Trousers digestion

This is one of the hardest home taskings for me to think of. I was confused of what to do with my trousers and limited resources. Then I looked at my apples and think it would be cool to have a digestion process recorded. I took photos for each step and make a video to connect these photos.

Monument Valley Podcast Reflection

As the main producer for this episode, I chose Monument Valley due to its uniqueness among other games. Unlike competitive multiplayer games that require skill, experience, and focus, Monument Valley is a game that gives you a space to think, relax and enjoy. There is no pressure to play this game and there is always a sense of reward for players to find out more about their imagination and what they can do in this game. This game design is heavily focused on aesthetics and representing 3 dimensional objects within 2 dimensions. Many seemingly impossible shapes and structures are suddenly possible in this game and challenges users to abandon their current belief of dimensions to really enjoy the imaginary world this game creates for us. Making this episode is much more smooth from our previous experience with other episodes. It only took us very few trials before the audio is ready for final editing. To combine the discussion with background music, Ruohan helped me edit music from Monument Valley original sound track and that fits this episode perfectly.

Reflection on Podcast for Settlers of Catan

As the assistant producer for making podcast for settlers of Catan, I worked with Keita to analyze the game. I played this game a long time ago and did not get much experience in playing prior to preparation of this episode. When I played the game recently, I started to learn how the game works and what I will need to make real progress to make good use of my resources. Understanding the game and relate the similarities between the game and real life brings me a brand new perspective in viewing the game. In making the podcast, it was hard to discuss on zoom and not in person. Also, both me and Keita are nervous for recording and that makes our discussions much harder to go on naturally. It took us many tries before making a good podcast recording. Relating the game to life choices is important as well. We had a emphasis on making long term choices of college application, course choices and life decisions, which is what we expect to learn from playing this game.

Hometasking 3: Coming out of the closet (literally)

I have been stuck in this room for more than a week now and I got my inspiration after seeing my black coat handing in the closet behind the giant wardrobe, a perfect place to hide. I put my phone on the desk and angled properly before recording the closet. It turns out that the space is really not enough for me to put the coat on and I have to walk out before wearing the coat. Also, I need to bend my legs so that my head will not show behind the hanger. Here is the video I posted.

Side quest 9: Bathroom Night-Out Decoration

This is a relatively challenging task for me, since I am living on Claremont with pretty much only food and utilities and nothing fancy. I knew from hearing this project that I will not be able to use the traditional classy and fancy approach for my night out. When I looked into my room and fridge (I just got grocery delivery today), I figured showing my food and supplies can be a great idea for making this bathroom unique and fit this special time period. I have a lot of sanitation products and food to keep myself as safe as possible against the spread of coronavirus. In editing this video, I think an intro to my idea would be better than simply showing the video clip. It took me sometime to figure out how to record audio alone and add that before the video. Moving all the things into the bathroom is a lot of work, it took me around 20 minutes before it is ready for shooting. Overall, it is a fun experience and get me moving inside the house.

Side Quest 8: Throw a piece of paper into a bin

This is one of my favorite paper plane designs and I used to have a lot of them when I was a child. To make this paper throw more unique, the plane had an asymmetry design with smaller right wing and a hole in the middle, which makes the plane turn right after I release it. The angle to throw and speed was crucial and it took me a couple of trials before understand how this plane behaves. This assignment distracts me a bit from boring social-distancing and brings back my paper plane skills I used to have.

Side Quest 7: 3D printing

This is a 3D model of Batman Tumbler. This piece is special for me since I have been a great fan for the batman trilogy, and the scene of this tumbler jumping off rooftops and destroying anything in the way left a great impression for me about this special vehicle. I always love cars and having a car on my desk has been a tradition for me. Since I have not had the chance to bring my own model cars here to emory, this is a great chance for me to refill my car collection and have something I like on my table.

I found this model on thingiverse and I was very impressed with the level of details this car has. The only challenge I has was the size of the model was way larger than the printer’s capacity and we have to rescale it to around 0.1% of its original size to print this out. And also, cutting out the supporting pieces was hard to accomplish. I was so scared to cur pieces out that are necessary for this model. I really like this project.