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My Upsetting 3D Printing Experience

3D Selenus Style Chess Piece STL File Image

This is what would have been my 3D print experience… but thanks to things outside of my control that shall not be named (UH THANKS CORONA! YOU SUCK!), I was unable to retrieve it. So, yes my pretty little chess piece is sitting at the 3D printing space in Cox Hall… unfortunately.

As you can see, my print would have been a chess piece. Not just any chess piece though, but a Selenus chess piece which comes from the Selenus Chess Set which is  the most elegant classical chess set styles in use before the standardization of chess pieces. I chose to use this as my piece because I never seen a chess piece like this before. I know I am not the biggest fan of chess, but I know the chess pieces I have used never looked like this. I don’t know… this chess piece looks so elegant (maybe it is just me), and I was really intrigued by it sort of.

Hopefully, I can eventually retrieve it so that I can customize it (maybe purple with some blue clouds since those are my favorite colors?). I really wish Corona just goes away! I was really bummed that I was not able to have the full experience with 3D printing given that it was my first time, but I can always try again in the future (right?). But yes, this is my not-so successful 3D printing experience. Until we meet again chess piece!

You can find this chess piece STL file at:

A 20-sided die

I chose to print out a 20-sided die because I really like dice since they are related to mathematics and also I could use as an interior decoration. I was particular about the number of faces of the die to print because an icosahedron has the most number of faces out of the five possible polyhedrons. I was really impressed by the quality of the 3-D printer and was fascinated by how the printer calculated before it started printing. Also, I wondered what this die is made of: it has a plastic-like touch feeling, but sides are powdery.

I did not face any problems when I was trying to find the stl file of my product or when I try to print my product. I did not find any challenge to find the file because the file is in demand; it is convenient to use a 3-D printer to obtain this type of dice. I also did not face any challenge to print my product because there was a person who adjusted the scale of my object when I printed out.


Side Quest 7: 3D printing

This is a 3D model of Batman Tumbler. This piece is special for me since I have been a great fan for the batman trilogy, and the scene of this tumbler jumping off rooftops and destroying anything in the way left a great impression for me about this special vehicle. I always love cars and having a car on my desk has been a tradition for me. Since I have not had the chance to bring my own model cars here to emory, this is a great chance for me to refill my car collection and have something I like on my table.

I found this model on thingiverse and I was very impressed with the level of details this car has. The only challenge I has was the size of the model was way larger than the printer’s capacity and we have to rescale it to around 0.1% of its original size to print this out. And also, cutting out the supporting pieces was hard to accomplish. I was so scared to cur pieces out that are necessary for this model. I really like this project.

“Art requires a certain…cruelty”

I chose to print the mask of a character from the game League of Legends, the virtuoso, Jhin. Ever since this champion came out, he immediately became my favorite champion of all; everything about him was irresistibly attractive to me –the mysterious background, the unseen face hiding behind the emotionless mask, and, the best of all, those eyes in the dark that shine wildness and chaos, actively searching for the next target.

Jhin is a talented musician, as well as a meticulous criminal, who believes murder is art. The title of this side quest is a quote from him that resembles his characteristic as someone who gains pleasure from delivering terror. Like some other villains from thriller movies and novels, Jhin is a perfect combination of charm and lunatic who create works of artistic brutality and terrifying victims. Jhin reminds me of the Jigsaw Killer and V from V for Vendetta because all of them have a mask that represents their identity. Personally, I love how the designer incorporated the idea of ‘mask’ into Jhin because the mask truly brings out the shadowy, dark elements of this champion, builds up Jhin’s identity as a “psychotic serial killer”, which is also why I immediately thought of his mask when doing this assignment.

There was no hardship in finding the sdl file of this 3D model. If there’s one obstacle I have to express, I would say the removal of the support underneath the mask, since the mask is thin and curved, I was worrying the whole time that I might break it. Gladly, it turned out fine. Also I was pleasantly surprised by all the refining details on the model, super cool!


I have to say printing something with a 3D printer was an exciting experience. The first time I saw one of those was in high school. Some rich and philanthropic alumnus donated ten 3D printers, so our technology class’s (I don’t know if that’s the correct translation) biggest assignment became learning how to design an object and print with a 3D printer. I tried to make an Avengers bracelet, but twice I failed to adjusted my design to sit on a flat surface. I was the one in my 300-student class that failed to print anything out. I certainly impressed my teacher.

But this time the file from Thingiverse worked perfectly, and I got my Cthulhu dice tower! It’s only one-third of its original size, so it lost the function of rolling dice. The 3D printer seemed unhappy with the change, too. Bits of threads got here and there, but so long as the Cthulhu remains identifiable, I feel more than satisfied. I should color it someday, all in green.

Slime 3D

This is a generic slime character from the video game franchise, Dragon Quest. His name is Rocket Slime, and I loved his design from the series. When it came to 3d printing, I was first inspired by bulbous, stackable characters such as Disney’s Tsum Tsums or those stackable stuffed animals. This slime is stackable with other duplicates of it since it has a hole at the bottom. There were drawn parallels to me that if something was small and plastic, it should be a simplistic character which could be holdable. This design easily rests in my palm. I found other slime models and stackable characters on Thingiverse, but none spoke out to me as almost identical. Painting was the most difficult. I did not have any acrylics, but I found out permanent markers went great on any surface including pcl. Also I added eyelids to this character, because I found the muppet-like eyes to be more endearing than the original slime.

My Childhood Coming to Life

Growing up, Monopoly was an integral part of my family life. Every Friday night, we would sit around the fire and play Monopoly. Although we never finished the game, Monopoly always yielded an exciting evening. For my 3-d printing challenge, I wanted to print something that meant something to me. I scrolled through the websites Professor Morgen linked to online and came across the top hat game piece from Monopoly. This image struck me since I always played as the top hat in Monopoly. I took this image to the Tech Lab, downloaded it, and ran it through the DremelDigiLab 3D Slicer software to make it into a 3-dimensional object. I adjusted the size by making it slightly bigger than the real game piece because the real piece is so small and I wanted something a little more substantial in size. I then chose if I wanted to make the hat black or white, and I chose black. When I came back to pick up my game piece, the hat was bigger than I expected and white instead of black. I was a bit surprised by these varying details, but I was still content with the final product. Even though my hat does not look exactly like the hat on my monopoly game board, I am excited to have a physical piece of my past to carry with me. 

20-Sided Dice from 2nd B.C

I chose to print this die based on an actual die from Ptolemaic Period–Roman Period, around 2nd century B.C.–4th century A.D. collected in the MET museum. It was said that the simple letters on the die might relate to divination: a Greek oracle book composed in in the 2nd or 3rd century A.D. refers to throwing lots to obtain a number that would, through certain algorithms, lead to ready-prepared oracle questions and responses. I thought this was really interesting: 20-sided die wasn’t invented by Gary Gygax. Google is wrong! (Well, I guess Gygax invented the concept of using it in games, but not the actual object). It would be a good game piece, as it generates tons of randomness and produce a lot more possibilities in games. There wasn’t too much difficulty for me,  but I did spent some good chunk of time scrolling through the websites. I actually enjoyed the “scrolling through website” process, because some of them are really creative and well-designed. Now I just need to color it , not sure how I’ll do it yet. If I have a second chance, I would definitely choose the other material that David used in his post, those ones look a lot more delicate.  

From Computer to Reality

I’ve always wanted to use a 3D printer, and I finally did. I wanted my game piece to smaller, but I wasn’t exactly sure of what I wanted to print. 3D printing is so amazing because it is a process that takes a digital file and literally forms a tangible replica in 3D space. I went onto a site that had many different “things” I could print. I wanted something cute and that somewhat represented me.

Since my family knows that I want to be an engineer, they have always expected me to use a 3D printer (especially when I got access to one in college). With my family in mind, I turned towards things I knew my mom and sister liked. I am toying with the idea of giving it to them as a gift. Finally I found a section on Harry Potter – something my mom, my sister and I love. What was even better about this find, is that one of my mom and I’s favorite animals is an owl.

I brought to life the Harry Potter mail carrying owl.

The Gam3D Life

I decided to 3D print a car game piece from The Game of Life. I settled on this piece because I didn’t want to just choose one of the default game pieces that you provided us, so I went searching on Thingiverse. I immediately went through all the different board games I played as a kid, and The Game of Life was one of my favorites because it was more complex than Candyland, and I wouldn’t always lose to my brother like I would if I played Monopoly. Luckily, someone had already made an .stl file for car game pieces, so I chose it. Each car has multiple holes that you fill up with SOs and kids as you move on in the game. I also found the game fun because I was introduced to adult concepts at a young age, even though I never grasped them entirely. Luckily, I went with Michael to make it early and the people at the TechLab were very helpful so I had very little trouble making the piece. Although it has that “3D print feel”, I’m happy that I made something from scratch and the final result turned out well.