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Planets of Lessons (Please disregard the relative sizes)

I used planets to express what I have learned in this English class. In the first few classes, we discussed rhetorical situations introduced in the book Everyone’s Author, including genre, audience, purpose, context, stance, design, and medium. I believed that it would be convenient for me to focus on these factors to sort things that I learned. I first created “planets” that are labeled by the topics and placed rings around the “planets” that I especially focused on. I expressed “design” and “medium” as UFOs because they were new topics for me. I am planning on explaining how materials and tasks used in class, which are expressed as “meteors,” affect my skills.


Just to Be Prepare Before You Watch The Other Videos…

This is the final hometasking for our class. I became the statue that appears in the intro of videos produced by the Columbia Pictures Industries. I believe that everyone has seen this “iconic movie moment” once, in which the theater is surrounded by the silence because we acknowledge this moment as the starting signal of movies. The difficulty that I could not solve was staying still. Ideally, I did not want to blink or look at the camera at the end. Anyway, if you don’t know what I am talking about, please refer to the source of BGM below.

Source of BGM:

Need an exercise because of self-quarantine?

This hometasking was very difficult for me. I could not think of any creative idea. Therefore, instead of being creative, I tried to show something that you can do to help stay healthy during self-quarantine. Let’s jump rope together. I recommend tying two pairs of trousers since only a pair of trousers was too short for me.

Podcast Reflection

The first time I played Settlers of Catan was for the summer assignment of AP The first time I played Settlers of Catan was for the summer assignment of AP Microeconomics before the senior year. For the assignment, we had to tie this game to the fundamental principles of economics. Even though this game was given for work, my friends and I actually played this game for fun and really liked the quality of the game. Out of many games I have played, I chose this game as my episode because I believe that this game contained many factors we have discussed.

I was the main producer of the Settlers of Catan, working with Alan. the assistant producer, and Ruohan, the line producer. This was my second time podcasting, and this time we discussed in more detail the real-life applications rather than the strategies, such as telescoping and probes of the game itself. (I appreciate professor Morgen for his advice during the meeting.) We planned on podcasting that way so that any audiences may understand our conversation with the minimal understanding of the game rule. We discussed recent topics, including the coronavirus and education in college, which can be related to many of our classmates and professor. There were, again, several challenges we faced while we are making the podcast episode. One of the challenges was summarizing the analysis of the game strategy with some explanations of rules. However, with several times of recording, we were able to overcome this difficulty by organizing our thoughts by using google docs, and we took away unnecessary details or paraphrased the sentences to make them clearer and shorter. We were also required to think of real-life examples that link with the idea of this game. Eventually, we were able to pull out easily comprehensible examples. One of the applications was about the college, and this topic was discussed during one of the earlier English classes. I was satisfied with how we connected our previous discussion to my podcast. I believe that there were more other challenges, but some expected problems, such as the quality of voices, came out okay. Overall, I hope we were able to discuss the game from a different angle and that showed the creativity of this episode.

Just kidding!

I made this simple model of a bowling alley. An orange represents a ball and plastic cups represent pins. Since the island itself is not as long as the normal bowling alley and I used six cups instead of ten cups, getting a strike should be pretty easy. I hope you like my video because I actually like it more than previous ones. Here is my video:

Here… I’m here…

My first plan and second plan have failed. This was my third plan. This video uses a somewhat similar idea from the first video. If you can find me in the first try, you should be a detective. The challenge I faced for this task was that I failed my other plans, so it actually took me three hours to do this assignment, excluding the time I spent to think about the idea. For this time, I did not see videos on twitter, so someone might have already uploaded a similar one. Again, I appreciate my mother for taking a video and giving me the idea of using the technology again.

Does a night-out place need to be real?

I do not know a real place for a night out, but I do sometimes “play” in my dream. We do I do not know a real place for a night out, but I do sometimes “play” in my dream. We do not know what we are trying to do while dreaming, but we still enjoy dreaming sometimes. What makes a dream interesting is that any strange thing can be seen as if it were happening in reality. Therefore, a dream can be a suitable place for a night out, and my goal was to make a video about it. I know that this video is probably incomprehensible and strange, like a dream, but you must have seen a similar dream before. The most strangest thing happens in this video is that the bear’s head changes into a horse’s head. I appreciate my mother, who came back from Texas two days ago, for taking the video.

Throwing Away Trash Without Throwing Trash

Many videos on twitter showed a few people collaborating to throw away trash in a spectacular way. Sadly, I was alone, and my left hand was already used to hold my phone. Therefore, I had to find a way to throw the trash with only one hand…

Although I did not like my video, some people actually said it was good, so I decided to upload this video. Here is my spectacular way to throw away trash without throwing trash… I do not know whether I can call this as magic, but I hope it looks like one. I think some people do not want to know the mechanism (or the mechanism might be obvious), so I will just leave as it is. Since there are already many great tricks on twitter, my biggest challenge was making my video creative and entertaining. It actually took me a whole day to think of this idea.


A 20-sided die

I chose to print out a 20-sided die because I really like dice since they are related to mathematics and also I could use as an interior decoration. I was particular about the number of faces of the die to print because an icosahedron has the most number of faces out of the five possible polyhedrons. I was really impressed by the quality of the 3-D printer and was fascinated by how the printer calculated before it started printing. Also, I wondered what this die is made of: it has a plastic-like touch feeling, but sides are powdery.

I did not face any problems when I was trying to find the stl file of my product or when I try to print my product. I did not find any challenge to find the file because the file is in demand; it is convenient to use a 3-D printer to obtain this type of dice. I also did not face any challenge to print my product because there was a person who adjusted the scale of my object when I printed out.


Many a Little Makes a Mickle

In our Fiasco group, we chose the setting as Main Street, and my alias was Molly who was a former spouse of Yeezy and had my father named Joseph. My key location was a durable paper goods, paper bag manufacturing plant out by the interstate. In our story, we had drug friends, thieves, and gamblers. In the beginning, thieves named Yeezy and Robert were talking about the recent activities. According to Robert, Yeezy had not robbed recently and wanted to quit her job as a robber. Although Robert was upset about her thought, they promised the final project which ended up failing: Yeezy pushed off Robert from the bus and Robert got caught. All the problems started here. Also, the gambling was held in the basement of the Mexican restaurant in the Main Street, and the reward for the victory was a suitcase. No one knew what was in the suitcase, but gamblers and thieves expected something precious inside, but as the story moved on, we found out that Yeezy stole the suitcase, and inside the case, there were two kilos of cocaine. In act 2, other characters other than me got panicked; they tried to become rich. As the rumor about the suitcase spread, everyone tried to steal the suitcase. Interestingly, in the end, Joseph was able to get the suitcase, while Robert, Yeezy, and Kyliej were killed. Although he owned a stone material store which was pretty successful, he still needed to support his son. Inside the suitcase that had kilos of cocaine, there was a poisonous snake inside the suitcase, and Joseph got killed by the snake. We do not know whether this was an assassination plan contrived by Yeezy. In act 3, because of my father’s unexpected death, I obtained the suitcase full of cocaine and became a cocaine addict.

Overall, I thought the story was messed up. The main reason was that we had many irrelevant items that we had to use. In the beginning, we were trying to find out what was going on. For example, we thought that Yeezy was a good character because she said that she was going to quit robbing. However, as the story moved on, she became the worst betrayer. For my part, I could not do anything dirty because I acted like a normal person (although I planned to kill Yeezy who threatened me that she was going to kill me later in the story). Therefore, I could not make my character interesting. As the story moved on, I liked how new items were introduced, which became the key items in the story. For example, the suitcase was the main factor to start the conflict. Somehow, I, who had the least amount of greed, obtained the suitcase. If every story needs a theme, then human greed will destroy his or her life. This is literally fiasco. At the beginning of this paragraph, I said that the story was messed up but this fact does not mean the story itself was terrible. After playing this game, I realized that this world is actually as random as the story we had. The randomness introduced by the subtle differences in plans among the players makes the setting chaotic. In reality, we also have subtle differences in our thoughts, and when those differences accumulate enough, they eventually lead to major conflicts.