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Podcast Reflection

Greg Lawrence
Podcast Reflection
Michael and I’s podcast about FIFA 20 was divided into a couple different aspects of the game. Michael focused on the present opportunity the game has with people not able to play soccer but really miss the feelings it brings. I mostly looked at the ways in which FIFA relates to the physical activity of playing the sport. Luckily for us, we both have played multiple versions of the game FIFA and other sports games, therefore we were aware of the different components to the game and the different mediums people use them for. Our episode related to others in the sense that it brought up pressing issues in society; ours just happened to be a global pandemic. I resisted walking through a game of FIFA like others did with their games due to the core structure of the game is very easy to imagine as it is meant to be a replica of a real match. The attention to detail in FIFA all works to give the player the most realistic experience possible. One of my primary goals of the episode was to illuminate how they are helpful for athletes looking to improve their play individually and as a team. The simulation of skill moves and strategy provides players with insight on game-like outcomes which is very valuable if used correctly. This collaborative and creative project brought together the topics of class discussion and put them in relation to a part of my personal and social life; sports video games.

Fiasco Reflection

Greg Lawrence


Prof. Morgen

Fiasco Reflection

The journey Michael, Winslow and I went through during our play-through of Fiasco were interesting in the sense that initially, our background knowledge of the rules was somewhat helpful but we still struggled to set up our game. Our understanding of multiplayer RPG games was different from Fiasco because you really needed to pay close attention to the rulebook. The assignment of characters was awkward yet funny due to myself not really having known my two mates who I was playing with at the time. The characters we derived were ex-lovers and father and son which brought a communal laugh. My character was Russel Cooper, a gambler who was destined for a glorious death. Michael was the character Edward Anderson, who is my ex-lover and the father of Collin Anderson(Winslow). From my first reading of the rulebook, I got the sense the game was set up to engage our creative minds. The fun aspect of the game comes from your decisions on character roles and actions. My group of players consisted of three boys who more or less wanted an action-packed scenario with death and violence. When we decided on the relationship between Collin and I was that we were gamblers, we almost immediately went to have the problem of being in debt to loan sharks who want their money back. This could have come from past experience from other games or just a common interest in this sort of plotline. The aspect of using two different color dice to determine characteristics and relationships between players provided us with a sense of structure we needed to justify our story. The game does a good job of incorporating our imagination within the guidelines of the 134-page rulebook. The story we told was between three players who were father and son with an ex-lover to the father who has a gambling problem with the son(Collin). We started with the dilemma of deciding how to pay back the loan sharks who were threatening to kill us and we came up with a plan for a heist to steal a large quantity of gold. The dice we rolled, made us incorporate a train and a handrail train car. Our minds related this potential storyline to one like a mission from Red Dead Redemption II, which is personally one of my favorite games and involves the robbery of a train. The robbery went successfully due to a white dice being given to me when it was my scene. It was interesting to see our excitement levels rise when the climax of our story came closer when we knew in a way what was going to happen. Throughout the acting of our story, I was laid back in deciding what happened unless when it was my turn to develop a scene. Then I tried to make it interesting with a good setup for the next person’s scene. At the start of setting up the game, I felt sort of overwhelmed by the size of the guide to playing and the fact that I was working with people I haven’t really had a conversation with before. As we set up the game and came together in deciding to incorporate or leave out certain actions/relationships I grew in the sense that my opinions wouldn’t upset the other players or affect the game in a negative way. So in a sense, as I became more comfortable with my fellow players the game became increasingly enjoyable. 


The way that I chose the two photos came from thinking about what two things go together. I began with simple things but they all seemed too boring. Combining species was a weird and funny thought that came to mind. I decided to combine a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a chicken due to the chicken being the closest relative to the dinosaur. Creating the combophoto was challenging in the sense that I had to find a free picture of a T-rex and chicken that were facing the same way for the most part. I also had a difficult time shaping the chickens head to fit on the body of the T-rex. This was a tool I had never used before. The final image conveys a combination of relatives for a glimpse of what evolution could have created if worldly events happened differently.

In My Bag… no Aboogie

In my bag there is;

  • my laptop
  • two one subject notebooks
  • six pencils and one highlighter
  • phone and computer charger
  • charging block with multiple USB outlets
  • pack of notecards
  • two packs of bubblegum
  • a christmas ornament of Michael Scott, specifically him as “Prison Mike”

Creating this self portrait is a reflection of myself in the sense it shows the student aspect of my life. The small number of materials I carry around during school days show how I prefer my work to be kept in one place. My inclusion of the christmas ornament was random, for I had no idea it was in my bag, but it shows my love for the show; The Office. I also prefer bubblegum to any kind of minty gum. To create the image I had little strategic efforts in my placement of the items. The image was taken at the library during completion of the rest of my homework so showing an authentic depiction of my studious character. This could be considered a type of self reflection or a piece one might put in a personal blog for others to get a sense of what the author is like given an everyday situation.

My Avatar

I chose this photo because it is in remembrance of the late Steven Rodriguez or “ASAP Yams.” He was respected throughout the whole music industry and was a dear friend to many people before his early death. I chose this image to represent myself because of the effect he had on people. I strive to have relationships like the ones he had with his friends while being successful in his own line of work.