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Moon River Forever

I recreate the scene of Holly Golightly, performed by Audrey Hepburn, singing with a guitar on the balcony in the movie Tiffany’s Breakfast. Because I currently don’t have a guitar next to me, which I left in the storage in Atlanta, I try to use my phone and iPad to mimic it in the best way possible. Obviously, I can’t play the song, so I record this video silently and put the iconic song Moon River as the background music to make it more recognizable. Though Tiffany’s Breakfast is not my favorite, Hepburn’s elegance and the character Holly’s yearn for a better life made this scene classic and unforgettable for me. I am happy to have a chance to recreate the movie scene I love, tipping my hat to the classics in an entertaining way.

Ferris Bueller’s Outro

For my iconic movie moment, I decided to recreate the after credits scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where he tells the audience to go away because the movie is over. This is one of the most iconic examples of breaking the fourth wall in a unique and funny way to end a great movie. Even though it’s after the whole credits are over, this is still one of the most memorable moments of the film, and has been parodied many times. This was pretty fun to make, and I watched the scene again to make sure I said the right lines. Here’s my take on it, wearing my blue bathrobe:


Here is my recreation of the infamous Titanic. In the movie, Jack Dawson dies after trying to save the life of his girlfriend, Rose Dewitt Bukater. The ship sank after hitting an iceberg, which landed the passengers in the North Atlantic Ocean. The ocean, however, is very freezing and will kill people due to severe hypothermia in less than an hour. And that is what happened to superhero Jack Dawson. He decided to sacrifice his life for Rose. He had a door that fell of the boat when it sank, and both him and Rose could not fit on the boat, so Jack let Rose stay on the boat and then he died due to hypothermia in the ocean.

But what if they both survived? Why do all the superheroes and those with overly kind hearts have to die? It’s just not fair? Well, in this recreation of the movie, Jack Dawson survives. He survives, and finally reaches New York where him and Rose get married and have several kids. He also becomes famous from his precociousness of his drawings. YAY JACK!!!

Reflection: This side quest was one of my favorites. It really got me to step outside of my comfort zone and put on my acting shoes. I decided to do the movie, Titanic, because I just recently watched it for the first time after my mom was upset that I had never seen the movie. The movie made me so upset when Jack died because he sacrificed so many obstacles and he deserved to experience New York. So, I recreated the movie into a vision that I had hoped would occur after watching the ending of the tragedy. I was so sure that Jack was going to live! Well, in this recreation he did! And Jack will reign on forever! But yes, this side quest was very fun and I really like how it allowed you to add your own spin, creativity, and vision into it!


Like most of people do, I have a favorite childhood movie that I would sit by the television and watch it again and again. This might not be a super famous scene, but it’s the movie that I really wanted to incorporate in this side quest. I also learned to make an animated short video, which makes me admire those artists who draw for cartoons. My video has about three seconds, which has a repeat of three times, and that one second, took me an hour to draw. Not to mention that my art work is no where compare to theirs. But it was fun to do, I got to revisit my childhood favorite movie, and also learned a new goal!

Side Quest 13: Recreating Terminator movie clip “I will be Back”

With the materials I had, the first thought I had for recreating the movie clip would be the opening for every James Bond movie, the part when Bond walks from left to center of the screen and shoots, followed by blood running down from top of the screen. Unfortunately, I realized that my suits and shirts have been packed and very hard to get access to. Also, there cannot be computer animation for this assignment. Then I looked at the materials I have, realizing that recreating the iconic scene from terminators will only require my sun glasses. and no less iconic than James bond’s opening. Then I decided to make that happen. Since I am living by myself, the camera has to be stationary, and that scene fits my requirement.

The Parent Trap Handshake

An iconic childhood movie is The Parent Trap, starring Lindsay Lohan. In multiple parts of the movie, main characters Hallie, Annie, and her butler do a fun handshake to say good-bye to each other, or just for fun! For my entire life, I’ve wanted to learn this handshake, but I never got around to actually learning it. For this hometask, I finally taught myself the handshake (and my brother too)! Although it’s not perfect, I hope you recognize this from The Parent Trap and hopefully you can teach it you your family too for a fun quarantine dance!

Here you can watch my video!

Add Title

The most iconic movie (actually a TV series) from my perspective is the Hannibal TV show by Bryan Fuller, but it is not recognizable enough to the most of the public. I tried to recreate a scene from Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019), as only indoor scenes are possible. I have no suits or formal shoes, let alone bright colored ones. There are no other living beings visible to bare eyes in my room to play Murray Franklin, either. I had to cut a simplified version of him out of Emory lunch bags. Since the video is silent, I’d assume it to look classroom appropriate.

Just to Be Prepare Before You Watch The Other Videos…

This is the final hometasking for our class. I became the statue that appears in the intro of videos produced by the Columbia Pictures Industries. I believe that everyone has seen this “iconic movie moment” once, in which the theater is surrounded by the silence because we acknowledge this moment as the starting signal of movies. The difficulty that I could not solve was staying still. Ideally, I did not want to blink or look at the camera at the end. Anyway, if you don’t know what I am talking about, please refer to the source of BGM below.

Source of BGM:

Clever Girl

I decided to recreate my favorite scene from Jurassic Park. The drawing and inking was really fun, but coloring was the toughest. I almost regret putting color down since it looks really rough, but I will keep practicing my coloring skills. Hope you enjoy my illustration!