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My Avatar: A College Student

By Rachel Vellanikaran

My avatar is a picture of myself on our beautiful Emory campus. I chose this picture because I wanted something that best represents who and where I am in my life right now: a college freshman. I was born and raised in Atlanta, so I also wanted to represent my love for this campus and city.

Initially, it was a bit difficult selecting a picture. But once I did, it was easy enough to crop and resize the image using picMonkey. I was also having trouble navigating the WordPress website at first, and figuring out how to edit and insert text/media on my post.

My Avatar

I chose this photo because it is in remembrance of the late Steven Rodriguez or “ASAP Yams.” He was respected throughout the whole music industry and was a dear friend to many people before his early death. I chose this image to represent myself because of the effect he had on people. I strive to have relationships like the ones he had with his friends while being successful in his own line of work.

My Profile through Art

This is my avatar. It is made up of aspects that are very important to me. The dog image is an ink drawing I designed because art is one of my biggest passions. I especially love doing dog portraits because dogs are my favorite animal. I own two big, fluffy beasts, and I love them unconditionally.

When I design a dog portrait like the one I am using for my avatar, I use a reference photo and a black pen that smoothly lines the paper. I leave white spaces for the highlights and emphasize the features that stand out to me. Contrast is important when it comes to these types of drawings because they are meant to be simple and focus solely on the dog.

Lastly, I used a pink stripe and tinted the edges of the photo pink because it is one of my favorite colors. I think light pink shows a certain aesthetic about a person – one that is both soft and gentle but quietly powerful. I think that describes who I am as a person and how I carry myself with this quiet strength.

Side Quest 1: Avatar

I included these images in my digital avatar primarily to represent my jovial and thrill-seeking nature. I’ve always prided myself on spending a lot of time outside my comfort zone and consciously try to push myself to do activities which frighten me. Just over winter break, a good friend of mine mentioned he had been working on getting his skydiving license. Half joking, I told him we should go together and give our parents anxiety for a few hours. A consequence of sarcasm is being taken seriously, and the next day I found myself in a small, low-horsepower plane as it unconvincingly accelerated into the sky. Though I wished to say I hurdled myself off the plane with ease, peering down 13,000 feet towards the ground paralyzed me with insecurity. The next minute was one of the best of my life and instilled a now-undying appreciation for the ground. In addition, it made me recognize how relatively small I am as well as appreciate the other small people that make my life feel massive. I didn’t want to include too many other people in my avatar as it is a representation of myself. However, I made sure to include my lil’ pupper, Banjo, whom I believe (and hope) will not be mistaken for myself. He’s a little Australian Cattle Dog whose obsession with fetch, or any object that can serve as a proxy for a ball, can drive anyone crazy.

While creating my avatar, the biggest problems I faced were deciding which images to select and being distracted by how horrible people look while skydiving. I will certainly take away a gratitude for green screen and photo-editing. In addition, I think this side quest helped me analyze how I would like to appear to others. Especially in the age of social media, I would like to be a smarter curator of my digital image. In addition, I’d like to recognize that people are different than they appear on social media and to not rush to judgements.



I created this image for my avatar for its lack of representation. There does not exist a character that I have been consistently fond of in the past ten years, and I hardly ever played a board game. Even video games are new to me. The message I hope to deliver is that I have not yet found a favorite game, but will be looking for one throughout the semester. I chose green for my name, because this color has some association with sanity, or the lack of it.


The badge I use is made based on a prank meme of the mobile game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). One of my Facebook friends combines the image of a girl from the Japanese meme and the PUBG theme. PUBG is one of my favorite mobile games in which I enjoyed a lot of fun with my friends. The knowledge of tactics, reflexes, and cooperation in the game is fascinating. Before playing PUBG, I thought games, especially video games and mobile games, are addictive. However, after I start, I could see some wisdom and incredible designs in each of them.


Hello, and welcome to my page. Below is my badge, which represents both my physical appearance and my motivations for taking a class on games and computers. In my avatar, we see a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a slight smile on her face and an inquisitive look in her eyes. She is ready to learn, just like me. Layered with the photo of a girl who looks like me is a photo of computers tangled with wires and cords. This represents the computer-based learning I hope to gain from this course. Intertwined within my avatar’s head is a few tangled cords. By mixing my head (where the brain is located and picks up knowledge) with the computer cords, I hope to grasp a genuine understanding of making my own website and creating games that can improve certain situations using these online and written tools.

Behind my avatar’s head are cropped portions of computers and wires. This represents my understanding that, although I will learn so much from this class, it is not possible to learn everything about games and computers in the shorts semester we have together. There is always so much more I can learn, and this class is only the start of my vast accumulation of knowledge in this field. And I cannot wait to get started!

Sources for image:

Side Quest 1: Avatar

This is an image I took of the Atlanta midtown skyline when I went to music midtown back in September. I cropped and edited it using I decided to use this image because I thought the view was very beautiful, with the stark skyline contrasting with the calm nature below. At first I wanted to do a specific character instead, but I found that the Creative Commons search was very limiting, and didn’t have the types of images I wanted, so instead I looked on my phone. I like taking landscape pictures and this one resonated with my love for blue skies, summertime, and the outdoors, so I chose it. Choosing the picture was the tough part, once I chose it the pixlr editing software was easy to use.

Side Quest 1: Avatar

This is a picture of my cat named Mica. The source of the image in the gallery on my cell phone.

The reason behind choosing this image as my avatar for this website is simply because I am a huge cat person and I love my cats so much that words can’t even properly express the feeling. All three of them were adopted at three different time points, and since then, they became a huge part of my life.

The second I finished reading this assignment, I targeted my potential candidate at my three babies. After evaluation, I picked Mica to be the one. Mica is an eighteen-month old girl and was the first one to become a part of my family (she was only a two-month old kitten by then). Over the course of the past sixteen months, I gradually realized that Mica and I had many similarities in our personality and behaviors: we are both nervous about entering a new environment while can’t hide the curiosity; we are both shy and quiet in front of strangers, but still try to show friendliness and make new friends; Mica is the only girl out of the three, and I grew up hanging out with mostly guys as well. We have been each other’s best buddy, and I see reflections of myself on this sweet girl, which is also why she is my bias amongst the three and I try spending the most time with her whenever I’m home. Mica not only is the sweetest, cutest creature in my life, but also represents a big part of me–my passion, love, interest, personality– as an individual, I see no better choice for my avatar than her.


My avatar is a New York Knicks basketball logo. If you’re interested in the logo, I got it from a case that TeePublic sells at Growing up, my favorite sport was always basketball. I always found it the most entertaining sport to watch and play. I played travel basketball for my town up until freshman year, when I decided that the time commitment wasn’t worth anymore. Even though I don’t play on an official team anymore, I still play with friends in my free time and follow the Knicks closely. I’m interested in statistics and coding well, so I love analyzing NBA statistics through small coding projects to find interesting trends in teams, players, or even seasons. There are so many different statistics in basketball to study, so I never find myself running out of ideas for analyzation. If you are interested in analyzing the NBA quantitatively like me, I recommend you check out some of the articles on I grew up in New Jersey, but since I lived about 15 minutes from New York City, I always very connected with New York’s culture and sports. I was constantly in NYC with my family and friends just because you can always find something new to do there. But, through it all, I never enjoyed anything more than going to Knicks games with my dad. Seeing the superstars who I saw on TV every night right in front of me was just surreal. I’ve been to other NBA arenas, but, in my opinion, the environment at Madison Square Garden the best in the NBA. New York fans love their team like no other fans, so the arena is constantly filled with unparalleled energy. Even thought the Knicks aren’t playing too well these days, I can guarantee that you’ll still find the arena filled with die-hard fans.