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DO Exercise!

I have gained SO MANY weight during the quarantine! There are not many things for me to do every day. The only thing other than school works for me to think about is to eat. Typing this short paragraph, I cannot help myself stop getting another cup of yogurt and self-lying that I will not get fat because of this little cup of yogurt. Therefore, I used the trousers as a jumping-rope. I would like to make this hometask, doing the most extraordinary with a pair of trousers, to remind myself: IT’S TIME TO DO EXERCISE AND LOSS WEIGHT!

Trouser Pull-up Failed

The inspiration of this idea came from the pull-up handles that my cousin installed on the walk way, which I was never able to reach. I thought using trousers to function as extensions to the handles can benefit the shorter human on the earth, but clearly I underestimated the power of gravity.

Shout out to my cousin who had to act short to be in both parts of the video since I am incapable of doing a single push up no matter under what kind of circumstances.

Hometask #5: stay protected!

This assignment tasked us to create or do the most extraordinary thing with a pair of trousers. For my idea, I chose to create something that’s not necessarily the most “extraordinary”, but extremely practical and useful for us amidst this global crisis: a face mask. I grabbed some thin, cotton pants from my closet and made a new face mask following instructions posted on the CDC website. I hope you find this helpful, especially since it feels like it’s nearly impossible to get a mask these days.

Step 1: grab some pants
Step 3: Fold each side in and loop the rubber bands onto your ears to wear(folded side towards your face).

A video of the finished product — and I promise it works!

(here is a link if the embedded video doesn’t work:

The CDC’s instructional picture that I used –

Make-your-own Mannequin

When thinking about how to do something spectacular with a pair of trousers, nothing that sounded especially spectacular popped into my mind. But then I had another thought: What if the spectacular aspect is making the trousers appear in their normal setting, but through a different medium? I walked around my apartment, searching for ways to portray my trousers, when I came across my brother’s crutches. I put the crutches into the legs of the pants, added a white blouse, a tie, and a jacket, and topped it off with a cap and sunglasses. Although it’s apparent there isn’t a physical human inside the pants, they still look seemingly normal-and that’s the spectacular part! I created a new normal. I added some build-up music from the Rocky Balboa theme song to create dramatic effect. Here, you can watch my spectacular creation!

“Most Extraordinary Thing”

I hope my embedded video works!

I love that fact that inspirations just come out of no where, randomly. What is the most “extraordinary thing” in the world? To me, it’s time.

I always wanted to do a time-lapse video of a corner of a street or out in the woods. I couldn’t position my camera from the same spot every time I take the picture, so it isn’t an ideal time lapse video. But I think it makes the point. Plus it was fun taking a picture once an hour, which made me realized how an hour can be so short or long depends on what I have been doing over the hour.

Sound On

Here’s to Silent Hill 2. Don’t kill your wife, or you will be haunted.

As I took my pants and threw it around, the monsters from Silent Hill 2 came to my mind. I tried to make the video look scary, but the actual scary part was me filming myself. After all, I had to assemble a six-feet tall structure to place my mini pad onto, while I’m a lot shorter than that. The random noise was a result of me probing around iMovie.


For my extraordinary idea of what to do with trousers, I decided to see how many I could fit on myself before cutting off the blood circulation to my feet. I used the plethora of pants at my disposal: I started with shorts, then skinny jeans, then regular jeans, then khakis (buttons stopped working at this point), then absurdly large dress pants that could never fit me, then some very stretchable sweatpants. How did these six pants look on my skinny legs? Observe with the pictures below.

P.S. The hardest part was getting those pants off! I almost overheated in them.

The Jouch

When I saw the prompt for this task I had flashbacks to a Jenna Marbles video where she tried to make a chair out of blue jeans based off of a 5-minute crafts guide. Instead of sewing, stuffing, and ruining 4 pairs of jeans, I just stuffed them with pillows, blankets, and random bits of clothing. Originally I was going to set up the pants in a corner to imitate the source material but I found out that was NOT going to happen without any sewing happening. And thus, the Jouch was born. It can serve as a regular chair, a couch to lay on, or even a big spoon for when quarantine gets the best of you (just pull the sleeves over you and hug ‘em).

The original 5-minute crafts video