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Hometask #3: Camouflage

This assignment was one of the more difficult side quests in my opinion. I kept walking up and down my house trying to come up with creative camouflage ideas, but it was pretty challenging. Until I saw this mound of sheets, pillows, and clothes all piled up on our couch…It was perfect 🙂 I don’t know if this was necessarily camouflage(or just me hiding under a bunch of junk), but here are my pictures are below:

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Hometasking 3

Code Grey

For my camouflage attempt, I tried to keep it simple by hiding myself with one color: grey. Camouflaging myself in multiple colors I figured would be too hard to match each color and wouldn’t work well. Luckily I have a chaise lounge in my house that’s all grey and I have many grey clothes (my style is very boring, I know) and I added a backpack on top of me for good measure. I also tried to angle myself in a way that made a human outline less obvious. Here’s the result:


This is my “camouflage” video. I mean my question to myself was “Does this even count as a camouflage? I went to ask my sister which one she thought was me and she thought that the I was the “thing” in the middle (which was honestly pretty offensive for her to think that I was that small…). So I gave up in over-processing how I can camouflage and stuck with what I had. If my sister thought the middle one was me… then maybe other people would?

For my camouflage, I used some huge teddy bears that I had and covered them with a sweater. Then, I proceeding to cover myself with the same. I decided to be on the end because I thought people would expect I would be in the center (which I hope was the thought process for my sister and not just because I am little). Then, clearly I moved to reveal myself.

This was actually harder than I expected. I could not figure out how I was going to camouflage myself… it was kind of frustrating to think about. At first I was thinking about hiding in a dark closet or room and then revealing myself, but I am too scared of the dark.. so that failed. I hope this counts and even more so, I hope no one thinks that I am the little guy on the left (because that’s embarrassing).

Hometask3: I should be there

My camouflage is inspired by color today. My to be washed bedsheet and my to be washed hoodie are in the same color. Therefore, I tried to fit myself into the laundry basket. However, my camouflage is more evident than I thought it would be because I was too big for the laundry bag. I believe that is the place where I belong. After so many days getting mildew in the house, I feel like am supposed to be cleaned in the washer with the bedsheet and the hoodie together.


Yes, I was in the blanket, but I swear I just did all the chores today. A friend came over to film my camouflage. This does sound to be inconsiderate and of high risk, but this is the only person that I interact with, who lives at Clairmont as well. Let me just hope neither of us would be asymptomatic carriers and if we were, we wouldn’t be spreading the virus farther than each other.

Natural camouflage, maybe?

So I did spent a good amount of time considering how can I camouflage myself, I looked around for what I have for such days but could not find a good inspiration. And then I recall that when I was living in a dorm both in high school and my 3/4 college freshman year, I would always pick the top of a bunkbed, and whenever I’m in my bed watching Netflix or doing work, people would have a hard time finding me. I would have friends came in and thought no one was in the room and left. I thought the definition of a camouflage is when someone or something is right in front of you but you can’t tell where it is, and this is me whenever people cannot find me! It would be a lot better effect if I am actually on the top of the bunker bed and you will see what I mean.

Hometasking 3: Coming out of the closet (literally)

I have been stuck in this room for more than a week now and I got my inspiration after seeing my black coat handing in the closet behind the giant wardrobe, a perfect place to hide. I put my phone on the desk and angled properly before recording the closet. It turns out that the space is really not enough for me to put the coat on and I have to walk out before wearing the coat. Also, I need to bend my legs so that my head will not show behind the hanger. Here is the video I posted.

Can You Find Me Part 2

Here is my second attempt to share my video.

I accidentally recorded this in portrait mode instead of landscape because I hadn’t checked the side quest yet, but I think I was able to better capture the scene I am hidden in. My dogs were very enthusiastic to be involved in my camouflage journey.