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The Last of Us

This episode was constructed to analyze the game The Last of Us. It began with an examination of our main characters; Joel and Ellie. We look at the psychopathic behaviors from Joel and admiringly mature behavior from Ellie. We used these aspects of the game to illuminate what the game engineers were trying to do for the players’ experience. We also speak on the current topic of the COVID-19 virus and how the nightmare-like situations of the game relate to our quarantine.



In this episode of “Ready, Set, Game”, Zamirah and Rachel will be analyzing the widely-popular game, Tetris. What makes this simple game so addictive to a countless number of players around the world? How can we apply the strategies of this game to our lives? How can this game influence real-world thoughts and perspectives? Tune in to hear our thoughts!

  • Producer: Rachel Vellanikaran
  • Assistant Producer: Zamirah Martin
  • Line Producer: Austin Carter




In this episode, we will be discussing the ways the mechanics of the game inspire SuperBetter strategies and probing. After falling down a hole in the Great Mountain, you find yourself surrounded by monsters! What can they teach us about bullet-hell-shooters and retro games? Is talking to your enemies a valuable life lesson? And why are there pieces of determination and bone puns flying about? After listening to this podcast, perhaps you will realize that monsters have a SOUL just like we do.


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In this podcast episode, Giovanni, Will and Sadie explore the general group of games called Rummy. Rummy is a basic game of drawing and discarding typically played with cards, but has been adapted to various mediums. After a brief introduction of the game, we will discuss the role of games in socialization and quarantining. Each of our experiences with Rummy demonstrate how card games can entertain and bond together any crowd.  So buckle up, strap down and let’s play!


Fireboy and Watergirl: Nostalgia and Connection

By looking back at the generation born in the 2000s, the first video games they had access to were on free websites using Flash. In this episode, Jessica and George reminisce on their days playing Fireboy and Watergirl and talk about the potential benefits that kids gained from playing this game. From confidence to connection to communication, listen now to possibly reveal something new about your childhood and work on living gamefully. Sources: Music Sources:

Who had the best silent movie reenactment?

For the final hometask, Jessica’s video showing true sisterly love thawing a frozen heart won the top spot.

Keita’s very clever reenactment of the Columbia Pictures logo and Will’s Indiana Jones swapping an avocado for an orange came in right behind Jessica for second place.

George’s multiple pies in the face, Ruohan’s Pennywise, and Wenyi’s Joker all tied for third place in the voting.

Who had the most ambitious and enjoyable silent reenactment of an iconic movie scene?












Whose silent reenactment of an iconic movie scene was the most ambitious and enjoyable?

Vote using the poll below. Check the box next to the three entries that you believe are the most spectacular. Please do not vote for your own entry.

Hometasking 6


Who did the most extraordinary thing with a pair of trousers?

Here are the results for the penultimate hometasking challenge for this course. There were four different students whose extraordinary trouser dancing, screeching, skateboarding, or folding had them tied for the top spot:

  • Jessica
  • Wenyi
  • George
  • Kimberly

Then right behind them came Kathy’s trouser sundial.

Austin, Ruohan, and Rachel tied for third place with their more utilitarian trouser couch, mask, and pull-up handles.

Check the leaderboard for full results and to see who is in the lead for the overall competition.