Who turned their kitchen into the most epic kitchen sporting arena?

There’s definitely a running theme here as, once again for this task, George received the most number of votes and he came in first place.

Jessica defeated her sister to take the gold in Pan Pong, but that was only enough to land her second in the voting for the most epic kitchen sporting event perhaps because she and Giovanni split the vote of those who were delighted to see kitchen islands turned into a ping pong venue.

Right behind those three, Kathy, Cherie, Michael, and Rachel‘s efforts tied them for third place. How were the voters not more impressed with Rachel hitting an egg off a racket and banking it into the pot to fry it up for breakfast?

Once again, check the updated leaderboard to see where everyone stands in the overall competition (hint: George has a big lead and it’s looking to my eyes like only Jessica has the potential to overtake him with only two hometasks remaining before the semester winds down.)

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