Risky Business: A Deep Dive Into The Game of Risk

Ready, Set, Game: The Rhetoric of Games
Ready, Set, Game: The Rhetoric of Games
Risky Business: A Deep Dive Into The Game of Risk

This episode analyses the game Risk, created by Albert Lamouise in 1957. We look at the game’s history, its connections to the Cold war, and key strategies in winning the game. We examine how Risk sheds light about Cold War-era thinking and pause at key moments in the game to zoom in on important plays. Come join us as we discover the crucial combination of skill and luck and smart strategic maneuvers players can master the game and ultimately take over the world. See you on the map!

Producer: Will Knight

Assistant Producers: Sadie Schwartz and Giovanni Ponzio 

Line Producer: Giovanni Ponzio 


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Music Sources: [coming soon]

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