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Probing Paranoia

In this episode, we discussed the game of Paranoia. Yes, that party game that everyone loves to play when they have a lot of alcohol in their system. But, this time we are going to take you into a dive of playing not only sober, but during a time of quarantine and pandemic. Is it still tense? Is it still crazy? Does it still produce that feeling of paranoia? These are all questions that this podcast will answer while simultaneously analyzing parts of the game that go overlooked. Paranoia is not just a messy, scary game to play. It is more than that; players have to navigate the game on a slippery slope to achieve their goal. YES, Paranoia is all about obtaining goals and having a hidden agenda that the other players do not know. It is about being sneaky and strategic. So, take a dive into this podcast episode to learn more about the overlooked (hidden, even?) truths of Paranoia.

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