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Unnamed Goose Miniature

Since I'm making all of you do some 3d printing, I decided to do some too. I brought a group of .stl files to the TechLab on Tuesday afternoon, then picked up my completed prints on Thursday. The image at the top of this post shows my Unnamed Goose along with a one-eyed raven (the wizard in my D&D campaign has a raven familiar). Die included in photo for scale.

I also printed a giant elk and a couple of other miniatures for my D&D game. Note that these are straight off the printer, so there are still supports attached. The TechLab can help you clean up the supports or provide cutters to do so yourself. I'll bring mine home and do that this weekend, then paint them hopefully sometime soon.



When all is said and done, the unnamed goose will look something like this.

I also printed pieces which I will assemble into a dice tower. I downloaded the .stl files from Lau85 on Thingiverse then did a PLA print of the 6 pieces of the tower. I need to cut out some extra supports between the balusters on the gate at the bottom and I'll probably paint it because they printed one piece in white and the rest in black. Then I'll use the empty bottle from a 1.5L soda to make the transparent cylinder of the tower.


When it's all done it should look something like this.