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Some game resources in time of physical distancing

Here’s some resources that might be useful for you as you think about your podcast episodes, or if you just want to play some games while you’re engaged in physical distancing.

  • Yucata is a site that has a bunch of online versions of board games. (Two from that list that jump out at me are The Castles of Burgundy and Puerto Rico). Players have to register for a free account at Yucata and then invite friends to play with them online.
  • Settlers of Catan (which Keita and Alan are covering in their next podcast episode) is available online, via a free app, in Steam, or in browser.
  • Town of Salem, a version of Werewolf where townsfolk try to rid themselves of Mafia and Mafia try to kill off townsfolk who might stand in their way. Available in browser (requires Flash) or via Google Play or iOs apps.
  • Airconsole is a site that allows you to play video games online using your phone as a controller. Cards Against Humanity is one of the free games available.
  • Secret Hitler is available to play free online. Registration required.
  • The card game Dominion — base game is free online, expansions available to buy. Registration required. 2-6 players. A deck-builder resource management card game.
  • Shadowverse is a collectible card game sort of like Hearthstone. Available on mobile app or in browser.
  • Lichess is one of the more highly rated chess clients.
  • Zynga has a bunch of mobile games, including Words with Friends, which is a Scrabble emulator.

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting links I had been meaning to include here, so I’ll update this post as I come across more.